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The Faith Based Committee assists in identifying faith based organizations and responding to needs of congregations before and during an event. This may include providing educational workshops and materials to congregations and the community, providing shelter in an event, and contacting individuals (especially shut-ins) during an event.

 Additionally the Faith Team can:

  • Provide spiritual support to the general population

  • Act as a conduit for church support to help with food, volunteers, transportation and other needs

  • Work closely with mental health professionals/social workers and help with counseling and decision making

  • Talk and listen to those at the site

  • Become a supporter for PODs Managers, Emergency Management, and the PODs/Pandemic operation from pulpit, in the community, and when deployed to assist at the POD site

  • Be the third arm of the POD Manager when needed to provide assistance when others are busy on in difficult situations

  • It is also important o point out that the presence of clery that clients recognize adds credibility and another level of professionalism to the operation. Simply being there is an important task.

Older Faith Team picture

Indiana County HHSS Faith Team



2006                    Initial Meeting at IRMC let by Pastor Ken Rudkin and Danny Sacco, IRMC


2009                    Workshops for Pastors (D Sacco, T Monroe, S Bond, B Geiger) in Blairsville, Armagh,

                            Indiana and Marion Center


2010                    Spring workshop – How Churches Can Help in a Disaster

                            Combined meeting with Emergency Management Coordinators (EMC)


2011                    Regional meetings with EMC and pastors in Marion Center, Indiana

                            PODS at churches (Blairsville, Marion Center and Indiana)


2012                    Indiana area pastors meeting

                            Meeting with EMC at TUM


2013                    Church Safety and Security (2) with EMA and Mike Schmidt

                            Church Safety and Security Plans at Hilltop (T Monroe, J Lucas, and R May)


2014                    Safety and Security Plans – Follow up


2015                    Post Traumatic Pastoral Care – Dr. May at TUM

                            Father Willie and Dr. May at EMA – Lessons learned from Franklin Regional


2016                    Into to Fire and Back – Rev. Monroe, Rev. Himes, Rev. Lucas and Dr. May at Citizen’s (W)

                            Drugs & Alcohol and Community Response – Canon Dr. Jay Geisler


2017                    Meeting with LMC at EMA

                            So You want to Help; Churches and Local Disasters – Faith Team presenters


2018                    Mental Health Response for Faith Community: Obstacles & Resources – Dr. May

                            Active Shooter/Emergency Preparedness – PSP Greenfield – three sessions (Blairsville,                             Indiana, Marion Center)


2019                    Ready or Not? Emergency Preparedness Planning (PSP Greenfield, Rev. Nice, EMA John

                            Pividori, small groups); repeated in Armagh, Advanced Planning (Marion Center,                             Blairsville, Indiana)

2022                       Disaster Preparedness for Indiana County Faith Team Leaders- Meet & Greet with the Faith Te                                 Team    (Blue Spruce Park) 


2023                      So, the Disaster Happened, Now What?                                                                      




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